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Jeffrey Lodge

Jeff has been painting since he was about 5 years old. During high school, he had a fantastic art teacher who provided the motivation to develop his painting further. Jeff’s further work in art was interrupted during school and various career choices that took him through the Navy Nuclear Propulsion as lead diver, chemist, radiation control and nuclear plant operator in new construction, commissioning, and deployment of USS Providence SSN 719, supervisor of nuclear plant testing teams in nuclear power plants throughout the US and Europe, and Information Technology in private and government institutions. Jeff started concentrating in acrylic painting after moving to the Washington DC area in 2011 to perform information technology security compliance for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Since 10 years old, Jeff has been photographing his travels. He has focused on capturing the dynamic colors in the world first with Kodachrome and Ektachrome film and as technology improved, high-end digital cameras. In 2011 when he started concentrating on acrylics, he was drawn to capturing the vivid colors in his paintings. Almost every painting starts in the viewfinder of the camera and is sketched in graphite on the gesso-coated wood panel where the paints are then applied. He does not use an underpainting technique and just applies the paints in several light coats with full color and contrast intensity. Some areas such as the gradual blend of colors in a sunset horizon require up to thirty light color glazing coats to achieve the required results.

The dynamic compositions and colors created by nature fascinate Jeff. The ebb and flow of plant growth through the seasons, the art of natural erosion over the centuries, the beautiful chaotic placement of rocks by water and glaciers, the thousands of greens in trees and plants all offer vistas man has yet to create in any design studio. Working in acrylics on panel, Jeff paints images that grab his attention through the colors, textures, and composition they contain.

Jeff enjoys nautical-related scenes, landscapes, florals, and a variety of other subjects. He is just starting on a series of nostalgic New York City-related paintings for presentation in May 2023. Jeff lives in the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria, VA with his fellow artist wife. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in General Studies and then an MS of Information Technology Management.

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