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Lochini Johnston

I was born in Sri Lanka, a beautiful Island also known as Ceylon. Art has been a great passion, a hobby, and a way of relaxation for me since my childhood. My art comes to life in many different forms and it is very much of a discovery and exploratory process through travel and nature. I paint using oil on canvas, acrylic on stone and charcoal on a variety of different bases such as wood, paper, and stone. Some of my paintings lean towards realism with landscapes and scenery while my most recent work depicts a touch of surrealism. I call my style “flowing in the wind” because of the long brush strokes with wavy soft edges.

After my travels visiting the prehistoric caves in France I was inspired by these ancient paintings inside the caves. Since a few years ago I have been painting a few inspirational cave paintings on stone and loved the process, the texture and bringing it to life with my art. I have continued to paint my own creations on slate stone. To me, those early paintings represent the birth of human creativity. I find the depth and understanding the artist had and the media and mediums used fascinating in many ways. My vision is to have a garden center one day that will be filled with lovely stone paintings. I have sold many and have a few in my own front and back yard as they can be kept outdoors or indoors all year round. I named my art website because I love to travel to many
different places all around the world enjoying the wonders, discovering and experiencing something new, something unique that gets me in the mood to paint. I belong to many prominent art groups, sell art, work on commissions and participate in shows.

Captivating art on stone and canvas inspired by
adventurous wonders of travel.

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