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Michael Lopez

After spending over 21 years traveling, living, and operating around the world in various countries, the day came when I finally had to retire from the military. I understood that a void was looming but was not sure what that void was going to be. Continuing on the retirement path, I realized that being around the types of American men and women I was around for over 21 years could not nor would not ever be replicated. On the other hand, the void that I could control was the things and people I saw daily. After multiple deployments and long conversations with friends and family, I realized that they could never understand the full gravity of what I was explaining to them about other countries and my experiences in the world. Like that, I had an answer to that void: Photography!

I started my business, Lens-14 Photography, shortly after retiring from the military and was all over the map. Do I do portraits, landscapes, weddings, cars, animals? Then it hit me; the void was the inability to relay what I had seen and experienced effectively. Not that I can’t tell stories, I am a fantastic storyteller (True Story), it was that some things just couldn’t be felt or understood unless they are seen.
Lens-14 Photography aims to provide you with “my” visual depiction of the things I see from traveling to wherever those places are that I shall end up.

As the kids once asked, “Why do you always tell us about the places you have been?” My answer to them, and you, “because my greatest hope is that in life y’all will get to experience at least just a little, if not tremendously more, of the beauty I have seen.”

I am greatly appreciative of you for taking the time the view my page. I hope that “my” visual depictions of what I have seen strike your mind, heart, or soul in a way that matters to you.

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