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Jewelry, Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Sonja Holleman

Sonja uses her artistic ability and knowledge to select genuine gems, stones and accent
pieces to create unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

Each Archeologico piece of jewelry has been individually created with the past in mind and
is accompanied by a “story card” describing the history or folklore of the focal stones or
pendant pieces. Jewelry Designs inspired by the Past for your Present!

“Jewelry designs inspired by the past for your present.”

No charge to change earrings to clip-ons, posts, and non-allergenic wires.
Special orders are welcome!


Born on October 24th, United Nations Day, Sonja grew up on the edge of a university campus in Indiana, where her father was a professor and her mother a graphic designer. Always interested in other cultures, the large international student body further deepened her desire to travel. Sonja graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her studies included art and design, archaeology, and Egyptian history.

To fulfil her dream of exploring the world, Sonja became a flight attendant. She has visited six continents, completed volunteer work in Mongolia and Tibet, and temporarily lived in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Turkey and various parts of Africa. Her journeys to international destinations have allowed her to travel the countryside, learn the history, explore ancient cities and archaeological sights, visit historical museums, meet local people, and browse through the souks and markets for treasures and local handicrafts. Extensive foreign exposure ultimately influenced her taste in jewelry. When she returned from trips abroad, family and friends were interested in the jewelry she had purchased and the history that
went along with each item.

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